Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mothers Day Eve..

Argh, Heres another lame vent I have Lol. Why does this society BLOW up holidays or even blow up the meaning of them. Its all about what you get on these Holidays.. Why canèt it just be about love, or just plain ole be greatful you have healthy kids, EVERYDAY not just on mothers day. I guess some people think thats its a special day and they deserve to be recongizined ... Thats ok, People are aloud to have there own meanings of holidays.

Im greatful everyday and treat everyday like mothers day. Good or bad days. Terrible or just killme days Lol. Kids are the best.

Tomorrow I wont be getting anything, well Im getting a homemade card from my son, and HOpefully a foot massage lol , I HOPE!!

Happy Mothers Day eve too you alL

Were all great mothers :)

Heres a few pictures of my munchkins

And not too Forget a good laugh!

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