Friday, May 7, 2010

Schools Labelling Kids

Jeez , I'm mad and Irriated . Feeling lost and a bad Parent :( Why must People make you feel like that.My son started Kindergarden this year, and ever since the beginning of the school year its been a whirl wind of things.I don't know what to think anymore. Is my son ok? Is he just a kid?

Sometimes it makes me wonder about schools these days and labelling kids with things they don't have, just because the school system is broke or just plain lazy . Don't get me wrong...., Some school and teachers are A++ Material, with caring and understanding nature, but Others.. Hmm.

I guess I cant blame anyone besides the Government for taking away funding for "extra" help or just plain paying the teachers more to "exactly" like their Job.

I am talking my son to the Specialist to really get down to the problem. I just hope and pray he's just a kid and just needs some extra help ..Sigh..

Sorry , I had to vent :)

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