Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where does the time go..

Wow I've been a super busy Momma these past couple of weeks. No time to post or time to even think. With my surgery date creeping up around the corner, it has got me very scared of what I am going to do with only one hand for 6 weeks.. (Yikes). Being a mother of a soon to be 9 month old and a bouncing kindergardener , I need both my hands!!! I guess I better enjoy my time left with my 2 valuable hands!!!

On the other hand :P. Peyton is going to be 9 months! Wow where does the time go. I remember the day she was born and now today. It is true with your second the time just flies. I guess thats why they say enjoy the little things.

I hope everyone is doing well. And the weather is at least better then it is here in Vancouver.. Sigh...

Here is a recent pic of my Munchkins

Have a nice long weekend Friends!!

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